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Popular steel castings techniques

Steel castings is popular form of casting involves different types of steel in the process. In few cases, cast iron is not able to give required strength and shock resistant properties. Here we use steel castings techniques as an alternative.

The most popular applications for steel castings include – valve & pump bodies, gears, forging presses, hydroelectric turbines, car frame, machinery components and many others. Two popular category for steel castings include – alloy steel and carbon steel. Let us discuss about popular steel castings techniques in brief.



  1. Szekely method :- Here steel is melted under high temperature by connecting it to electrical circuit. Then it is poured into metal molds where t is converted into desired shape based on clients’ specifications. Here please focus on requirements as we cannot use wax molds. The primary requirement is metal molds that can hold the molten steel.
  2. Sand casting process :- In this steel casting process, exporters use sand molds instead of using metal or wax molds. The reason is sand does not harm the casted product and it can be removed away quickly without causing any damage. 
  3. Bessemer's method :- Steel castings exporters in India prefer using Bessemer's method too for manufacturing and designing précised steel components. The technique is most suitable for preparing continuous sheets. Thickness of sheets can be adjusted based on clients’ requirements. The technique assures quick production and better surface finishing as compared to other available techniques. 

Sometimes, it becomes necessary combining one technique with other for assured results. Remove the mold properly in all steel casting techniques for avoiding damage. Heat the metal at sufficiently high temperature to achieve consistency.

When metal has been heated sufficiently, close the outlet hole. In few cases, it may take weeks for preparing permanent steel tool.  Exporters in India have to be cautious when implementing any of these steel castings techniques.